Nerding 4 Books (And Other Non News)

Just a wee bit of housecleaning in today’s post. I am still editing despite the holiday tides, though it has meant a bit more stop-and-go with regards to progress. But progress is progress.

If you haven’t lately, check out the Bookshelf link you can find on the upper tool bar. It links over to the books I’ve read for this year, and underneath you can get the link for the 2010 Books Read list. In a couple of week’s time I’ll be migrating the current list into its own sub-heading and start with a brand new page. #nerdlife

I’ve wondered why I’ve kept this reading list going since I do use GoodReads. Can’t say why other than I like it and find it fun to do. I suppose it feels more intimate, like I’m musing aloud. I don’t like rating books as I don’t find it useful. Taste and experience and the reader’s headspace is as much a part of the reading experience as the book itself, sending us firmly into your millage may very territory right from the start. Here I feel like I can just talk about the things I liked or didn’t like. That’s useful to me, and maybe to other folks. Who knows?

Speaking of books, I just finished Jeff Vandemeer’s BookLife, which has been on my TBR shelf for way too long. When I first thumbed through the title, I saw that the front half was loaded with career advice. Career? I thought. I need to have one of those first, right? So I put it aside until later, hoping to take advantage of the advice when I had a career-type thing. I picked it up now because I really wanted to read the second section, about balance, and since I can’t read a book out of order (it’s a disfunction, I swear) I started at the beginning.

Really, really wish I had read this when I bought it. I have some hard thinking to do, and some planning. While I work on the edits, I am working on my battle plan — one that will be  actionable come the new year.

It’s gotten cold in these here parts. Winter has locked into the ground and the air. I’ve got to get used to writing at night again, after being spoiled with sunshine these last few months. Still, spring’s coming. I’ll tuck myself in with keyboard and books and will make this winter a productive one.

‘Tis the season for family, friends, and hopefully some creative work, too.

Now hit the books!


2 thoughts on “Nerding 4 Books (And Other Non News)

  1. The call center is your job. Writing is your career.

    Writing has been your passion for the 20+ years that I’ve known you, and no matter how many jobs you’ve had, you’ve always been on the same career path.

    From your Elfquest FanFiction to Gran-Nan to Sparrow King to Pearl to your latest novel…you’ve shown amazing progress and growth in your career.

    So until they become one, don’t confuse your job with your career, Steph.

    *Much love and hugs and missing yous*

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