The Underground Writers

This is a shot of the three lovely, crafty ladies that put their heads together and surprised the crap out of me at the last writing group meeting. I was sitting down with the other members of the Underground Writers, chatting away in our favorite cheese shop, and then everyone pulled back their sweaters Superman-style. Everyone wore these tee-shirts with TEAM STEPH and VIABLE PARADISE 2011 and an awesome custom emblem of a kitten, a goose quill and a raven, and they had one for me.

My internet name, ‘scribofelidae’ is my terrible attempt at broken latin — “writing” and “cat”. I was getting tired of having to come up with a unique username every time I hit a new webpage, so I figured, let’s make it weird enough that no one will ever take it (let alone spell it correctly). The motto, STYLUS ERRORIS CAVEO, was meant to be a play on that and it’s inspired by a habit the group has collectively named “the sentence bomb.” It’s when the draft-brain has clearly gotten the better of me, and I end up putting about four sentences worth into a single, humongous beast of a sentence. I’m better about that these days, but I have my moments. *g* They couldn’t find a translation for ‘bomb’ so they improvised.

I am a lucky, lucky girl. I wouldn’t have ever applied if not for them. If I ever get a book in print, their names will be front and center in the acknowledgements page. Love you guys!

Won’t lie — I totally cried when they sprung it on me. Was so not expecting it and bawled like a baby. And I got a little carry on fella, too, a knitted owl wearing his own little mini-shirt that will come with me to Viable Paradise and will be the starlet of his own travel photos. His name? Doctor Whooot, who else? Gonna see if I can get pictures of everyone with the little guy.

Here’s the rest of the group, all posing with their shirts on, with me playing photographer. (The guys did do an ‘Angels’ pose, but it’s still on my phone. Will add it to Flickr soon!)


One thought on “The Underground Writers

  1. Andy

    Glad you found a name for your mascot. Dr. Whoot suits him perfectly.

    I was almost relieved to see the girls picture up there and not mine, until I read you last sentence. Oh, now I will regret posing for that picture.

    Have a great workshop. We all know how much this is going to change you!

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