Last Minute Details

Only a few days left before Viable Paradise. It’s taking over my headspace in a big way. I’ve been writing. Not a lot, but enough to keep my fingers loose. I want to work on short fiction, but I find it hard slipping in. The novel is more comfortable at the moment.

Meanwhile, I have spent an inordinate amount of time obsessing about baggage allowances. To those driving to Viable Paradise — I envy you! To those flying, unless you do so regularly, you are likely doing what I am doing: referring back to the websites over and over and making a mental check list of all the things you will be bringing and how much they might weigh. And I just deleted a really boring paragraph about what I might or might not pack. (You’re welcome.)

I’m also spending a great deal of time trying to sort out in my head the various airports along the way. A great deal for little return. I’m sure that once I’m on the ground, it will become self-evident. There is free wifi at both airports so the websites say, but Julia (from the writing group and not-infrequent flyer) said, about logging in, “Good luck!” Duly noted.

In short, my attempts at preparation are not all that helpful and probably making me freak out more than necessary. It might also be that I feel that I should be freaking out more. Last week was all freak-out. This week’s is all happy-bouncy-can’t-believe-I’m-going-yay! I don’t think I’m the only one. Twitter keeps exploding into spontaneous glee-fits among the VPXV members and a new hashtag has evolved thanks to the instructors and staff, called #VPmyths, which has been all kinds of hilarious.

I’ve also gotta wonder, what do the locals think of all this? After fifteen years, they must be well-aquainted with the whole Viable Paradise thing. And I’ve got visions of the poor staff trying to corral us, a group of people who will no doubt be as vigorously happy as a herd of Corgis. Like these ones.

Looking forward to any and all hijinks. The flying? Not so much, but I’m dealing.

Hell. High water. All that.

Back soon!


7 thoughts on “Last Minute Details

  1. I’ve found that airports all over are pretty easy to navigate. Most use similar pictograms for terminals and baggge claim. Remember you are one of millions who pass through them, they have to make it easy for all.

    Relax. Write. Enjoy. We can compare travel stories when whe Skype!

    *HUGS and LOVE*


    1. Steph

      Thanks, Michael! There will be an epic Skype session!! (You must tell me all about the hot Italian guys and the suave Brits. 😉

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