Unexpected Results

Getting my ducks (and luggage and flights and junk) in a row for Viable Paradise.

Normally, when I sit down and break a task into components, figuring out exactly what I need to do when, and start actioning those items, I begin to relax. Anxiousness for me comes from not confronting the task head-on. I’ve learned that while it doesn’t make everything that follows bright and sunshiny and perfect, I do best, and stress less, when I have planned ahead and taken action. You can only roll with the punches if you have first learned how to roll. (And my rolling involves lists.)

But as I sit here getting all the details on my flights, on what I can and cannot pack, and making phone arrangements so I am not completely cut off from the world once I cross the border, I am decidedly not calming down. Half of it is the excited/bubbly energy, but the other half is the less productive anxious/fearful energy.

I’d intended to write a happy little article about well-filling podcasts. Not the writing related podcasts, of which there are several and terrific ones, but those general interest podcasts, video and audio both, that tickles the grey matter. (Stuff like zombies in literature, game theory, and astrobiology) and The iTunes U offerings are both amazing and numerous. But instead I am scribbling down (electronically) all the things I need to take care of in the next … holy cats … 10 days.


I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I’m sure I’ll have a great time.

I’m sure I’m going to meet some awesome people.

I’m sure I’m going to come back with my brain exploding from the stuff I’ll learn.

*deep breaths*

Despite all else, it’s been a productive week for me, writing-wise. I can go to tonight’s meeting knowing I walked the walk, put the money where my mouth is, [did the cliched thing] that [demonstrates I did the cliched thing]. Something more intelligent and useful will be forthcoming. Promise.


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