Life Rafts

So close to completing the iMac setup!

Previously, all my computer purchases have been evacuations. I was throwing myself off the deck of a sinking ship and grabbing the life raft bobbing in the sea. Then, sopping wet and eternally grateful for rescue, I’d be airlifted away to what, surely this time, would be a much safer, sturdier ship.

Until that one started to sink, and I start eyeing the waters for the next life raft.

(No matter that I was taking a hammer to the engines and stuffing the hold to bursting. Shush, now.)

This time it’s different. I have every intention of keeping both the iMac (THE BEAST) and the MacBook (WEE BEASTIE) up and running. This has meant for a delicate, hands-on approach to the moving of files. After several heart-stopping moments, I managed to get my writing files into Dropbox and set up backups on both local drives. My photos are moved over, and my Time Machine drive is now silently whirling away as it backs up the Beast. (Dropping the capital letters. Names are established!)

All this computerized busy work has kept me away from worrying over my WIP. I have set it aside for the week. Haven’t decided if I will pick it up again this week, or next, but in the meantime a bunch of wool-gathering for a novel I am not yet working on (I swear) bore fruit: the inciting incident has appeared fully formed and I made many hasty notes in my idea book. I’ve also made a breakthrough on a short story I’ve been toying with now. So, while no new words, creatively I’m sparking again, and I’m looking forward to getting back to it.

I have, in the interim, opened up Scrivener on the Beast. HOLY CATS. It’s huge. While I haven’t gotten the stacks feature to work yet, the corkboard is lovely all on its own. It will be a great help in plotting, now that I can see more than nine cards at a time.

Anywho, all I have yet to do is put the Wee Beastie on a diet, removing excess programs and data so it doesn’t sit there like one of those poor dogs with stubby little legs, labouring to breathe but unable to blame its overly-indulgent owner for all those lovely treats. Maybe tonight.


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