What’s the Hold Up?

Is it weird that I haven’t opened Scrivener yet on the new computer? Maybe. I’ve been doing everything else so far, up to and including installing my Bamboo tablet and my wireless printer drivers. I’m supposed to be taking a week off anyways, so why am I feeling so odd about it? Huh? Answer me that.

Don’t rightly know.

However, after installing the tablet, I am really excited about getting back into drawing again. It’s been a persistent itch over the last year or so. Keeping my fingers moving on a keyboard isn’t always an option, and I can’t talk and write at the same time (try as I might). But doodle? I used to be a multi-tasking pro. And it was a great way for me brainstorm ideas. Suddenly I’m drawing characters or scenes and WHOOSH, a new idea comes with them.

But it’s been a long time and I am woefully out of practice. That my practice had been learning from comic books, it wasn’t even a good sort of practice, but at least I could do something passable, if not strictly on purpose.

Anyways, back to the point. With the iPad, I had been playing with several art programs. The interface is still a little more clunky than using a direct pen-to-paper, but it was still freeing, and fun. I had hoped to do the same when I first got the tablet, but using it with my laptop was never a comfortable experience. TOO SMALL. I was Squinty McSquinters, and soon put the tablet away except for rare occasions.

But on the iMac? Shit. There is real potential here! Right now I have been playing with Sketchbook Express on the iMac and it’s companion iPad program. The nice thing is that I can use Dropbox to share files back and forth. Another program, ArtRage for the iPad, has a more (to me) intuitive interface, but I don’t appear to be able to sync in the same way were I to buy the desktop version.

Still, it’s opening all sorts of possibilities, creatively. I’d been daydreaming of taking a casual drawing or painting class at the local College, and still might. In the meantime, it’s quietly pleasurable to just play around with pen and ink, even if it’s digital.


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