It’s … it’s so … BIG.

(That’s what she said.)

Ahem. My iMac arrived. I am, as expected, down the rabbit hole of computer set-up and fiddling. While copying over my files from my old Windows laptop to my then-shiny MacBook back in 2008 was not overly traumatic, the process of moving all my goods from the MacBook to the iMac has been more cumbersome.

I wasn’t able to do a full restore from my back-up external drive for some reason, so instead I’ve been pulled out files, downloading programs, and setting up the new systems. I’m in the middle of syncing my iPad and iPhone with the iMac right now, which entails wiping everything … including my Locus magazines no doubt, as for some mysterious reason documents opened in iBooks do not upload to your computer. Go fig. Anywho. Once this is all settled, then the MacBook gets trimmed of it’s bloat, turning it into the lean, mean, writing machine that will come with me to Viable Paradise.

That said, I am on Night #2 of all this, and bone tired. I won’t get to work on it either until Saturday night again, but I am off with the writing group for some R&R on Friday night.

So, this was brief. Apologies. I had decided to take this week off from the WIP, in order to recharge and play with some other ideas I have, but it looks like most of my free time is going to get taken up in this electronic move. But I know it will be worth it. Oooh, so very worth it.  Can’t wait to see Scrivener full-sized on this puppy!


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