What’s A Week?

I have no idea where last week went. A blur of non-activity, making me a tight little ball of anxiety, hungry for sleep or words other than mine, and deeply self-critical about my lack of productivity. Which, of course, draws me down, a whirl pool to the bottom of the bleak, mental ocean.

Well, I have my figurative water wings (i.e. COFFEE and a To Do list) and I am swimming up and out of it. You would think that living alone, with only me, myself and I to take care of, I would be able to manage my time and tasks, have room enough for both creative and household needs. But no, not always.

A large purchase like the iMac, no matter how long it has been planned and saved for, freaks me the hell out. I did the same thing after paying for Viable Paradise. A childhood of scarcity makes any large purchase (and large becomes increasingly relative as I get older) a nerve-wracking experience. For a bit. Once some time has passed, I’m over it. Just have to remember that I do come out on the other side. Eventually.

But because of the purchase-related freak out, I stopped doing other things I planned on doing. This snowballs, because then the writing stops. And when that stops, everything stops and my anxiety crawls into my head and sets up shop for many gleeful days. (Leading to a whole bunch of crazy hypochondria, but I digress.) Think of the phrase, “When Momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy!” Cause that’s me and writing. I stop writing, and everything else becomes a miserable slog.

Well, no more. A week lost is enough.

So, I’m here, and I am getting shit done today. Grown-up hat on. Besides all the stuff I let slide for two weeks, I’ve also got to prepare the arrival of the iMac itself which will hit town later this week. (It’s in Graceland, Graceland, … Memphis, Tennessee, it’s gonna leave Graceland, Graceland …) As I expect to be fully engrossed with the computer once it arrives, I want to have as little grown-up stuff to do as possible. There will be pizza ordered, and living in housecoats and slippers while I bath in the glow of a gigantic LCD screen. (Kidding, except for the pizza part.)

Which (slowly, torturously) brings us back to writing. I’m trying to figure out how my process will change. I will have three systems: the iMac, the MacBook and the iPad (newly paired with what will be my spare wireless keyboard). While I have programs that let me interface with Scrivener through the iPad, I will have two computers with Scrivener on them. How do I manage projects between the two of them? I know about DropBox, use and love it already, but if I don’t have internet service, what then?

Tinkering with the above will help clear the mental cobwebs.

And moving. Loud music, lotsa coffee, move, move, move.

When I come back on the other end of my weekend, I will have something good to blog about. See you on the other side!


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