It’s Coming!

It’s my-Sunday, as I like to call it. The joys of shift work means that while everyone else with a ‘real job’ is moaning about hump day, I spend my Wednesdays in a be-slippered, tea-addled state. Since the move, a new routine has developed. Tuesdays, or my-Saturdays, tend to see me scrambling through some house-hold tidy routine, and/or excursions to The Outside for a variety of reasons. Wednesdays, though, it’s me, my butt in my chair, and writing until early afternoon. Then books. It’s entirely pleasant.

Yesterday’s reason to travel to The Outside is that I at last received the check for completing my Apprenticeship course. This is a payout for independent studies done on my time after, before or occasionally during downtime at, work. There is a whole bunch of related history to this that I will pass from commenting on, but in brief, once the final tier of courses were released to us, I threw myself into it. This took place in March. No, wait, it took over March. My writing time was greatly affected. But I passed the courses and waited.

Because the payout was $2,000.

This is not money that I come across regularly. And after watching my beloved MacBook start to slow down due to an overloaded hard drive and the external hard drive crash of this spring, I saw this as a terrific opportunity to future proof myself. I would turn the current MacBook into a lean, mean, mobile writing machine, because at home, a new iMac would take its place in the office.

Check arrived yesterday. Deposited. Order placed with Apple. Second bonus, we have a perks program at work that shaved another $100 off of it in the Apple store. It should be here on or before September 9th.

With its arrival, it means a whole whack of time will be spent moving programs not purchased through the App Store over, all my files, and otherwise getting the new digs set up. (I think there might be a way to do that between Macs, but I don’t want to mirror exactly. The new iMac will come with updated versions of some programs and I am not sure how it will all hang out.) So, a new project that will eat into my writing time. But an important one, ’cause it will mean bringing my MacBook will be slightly less stress-inducing when I travel to Viable Paradise.

But the flip side of this is that staying at my current job is no longer necessary. The Apprenticeship payout has been promised to us for over two years. Delay after delay held us back from beginning the coursework. It was starting to become a bit of a joke, that it wouldn’t ever happen. But I held on just in case, knowing exactly what I would do with that kind of windfall.

And now, it’s done. There is nothing there to keep me. So I’m thinking, once Viable Paradise is finished, it’s time to start looking for a new job. There’s got to be something better out there that doesn’t wring every last drop of compassion and faith in humanity out of me.

If you wanna picture it, imagine the Podlings from the Dark Crystal, when they are strapped into the chair and their essence drained by the crystal by Skeksis design? Yeah, that’s a pretty accurate visual. (And if you haven’t watched the Dark Crystal … OMG, go watch it. To locals, I have a copy. You must watch it!)

Anyways, enough whining. My circumstances have changed. Can’t wait to see what October brings. And I can’t wait for the new computer. I don’t doubt that the squeals of nerd-gasming joy will be heard through all these Internet tubes once it arrives on my doorstep.


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