Grumble Grumble Coffee Typing

Today is my day to hammer at the WIP. Tomorrow, too. If I can manage it, I will not be leaving the apartment. A work-related Staycation. I have cleared off any and all major house-work related chores and I have no where to be until the writing group meeting tomorrow night. I will spend as much time as possible diving back into the deep end of this novel.

I have been busy up until now. Don’t think my silence is due to lack of action. I hunkered down and gave quick pass over the first quarter of the novel (would that be draft 2.5 then?) and sent it out for a story-level critique. I don’t doubt there are errors, typographical and grammatical alike, but I need a sense of whether or not the story is worth a damn. Am I boring you? is the question I’ve asked them. Is this at all interesting? Why or why not? What questions have I raised that I don’t have answers to? Where have I lost you? Where can/should I focus my efforts to improve it?

Still, it was intensely satisfying (as well as ridiculously encouraging) to have done that 2.5 rework over the course of one day. I plunked my ass down in front of the keyboard the Wednesday after finishing the read-through of draft 2.0 and hammered out a bunch of changes. I didn’t think I would get through the whole thing, but I did. Again, it’s far, far from perfect, but it’s done and out the door for Beta (Alpha?) readers. So the goal for this weekend is to see if I can really push through the next quarter’s 2.0 rewrite/revision in a short amount of time. October is coming, and I wanted to be farther along in the revision than I am. The move, as welcome as it was, really did throw me off road.

Also, I want it noted for the official record that it is August, and I am wearing fuzzy socks and a zip-up hoodie thick enough to stop a knife blade attack. Not cool, Summer. Not cool. (Pun maliciously intended.)

Anywho, back to it.

Bonus round: The Bookshelf page has been updated. I beat my GoodReads challenge of 40 books for the year, and have upped it to 60. Will I make it? We shall see!


2 thoughts on “Grumble Grumble Coffee Typing

  1. Oh man, I am right there with ya 🙂 I thought I’d be much farther along in my most recent draft (big revisions/rewrites/etc.) by now, and while it’s still doable pre-VP, the amount of time left for polishing/line edits (version 2.5?) is shrinking before my eyes. Eeek!

    Best of luck to a productive weekend!

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