First Assessment

Whoa. I’m tired. Really, really tired.

Been a heck of few days. I have been busting my ass since Monday night, moving items piece by piece and eventually deciding to email work and see if I could extend my weekend (which I did). All non-office rooms are mostly complete. There is a set of curtains to be hung here, a decorative shelf to go over there, but the living spaces are more or less complete. And the light. I know it sounds like the silliest thing to focus on, but in the basement apartment I had to have the lights on all the time, day or night, only a square patch of direct sunlight the size of an opened pizza box the indication that I was still on planet earth. Not nearly enough.

I continue to be astounded at how much room I have in the bedroom now. I understand what an afterthought my old bedroom was, like living under the stairs without the benefit of looking forward to Hogwarts once a year. (Wow, Hogwarts is in the iPad’s autocorrect dictionary. Hilarious.) My kitchen is newly equipped with an industrial-looking stainless steel shelf (superior to any weak sauce microwave cabinet) that has become the go-to device in that room. And my living room is perfect. My cats agree, in love with the windows, the sunlight, and the new sacrificial furniture, i.e. carpeted cat stand.

My office, however, is a disaster. All of the furniture is in there, and most of the books, but it bears little resemblance to my old office. There is much work to be done.

That said, my desk is up and my computer is on it, so I should be able to get something productive done. My desk now faces a window, a high one. There is a branch of an evergreen tree sticking into the view like a photo bomber, while the rest of the view looks up and out to an open sky.

I think that I will like this office when it’s all finished. I think I will like it a great deal.


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