On The Road Again

At least it will be a short road.

The upstairs tenant is gone, the keys turned in. I’ve done some quick measurements and have a rough plan in mind. This should be the shortest, least painful move I’ve ever had, since I’m only trucking the items up the stairs, not down the road or cross town.

The rooms I had designated for my office and bedroom will not work. I had wanted the bedroom against the outside wall, away from the other apartment. But my bed is simply too large, so it will have to go in the bigger room. (A shame, too, as when I had the apartment ten years ago, I used to love the winter sun that would stream on to the bed…) The closet is, oddly, smaller, but being the farthest thing possible from a clothes horse, that won’t be an issue. And, frankly, I don’t have enough furniture in my office to fill the larger room. I’d end up buying stuff to fill it, like a goldfish expanding to the size of the tank.

I expect that my writing will be significantly affected in the short term, and not in a positive way. I’m hoping to contain that to about a week’s worth of shenanigans and with any luck I can keep up on my reading. The focus for this Tuesday/Wednesday is to move everything up besides my office: bedroom, living room, kitchen. I’ll need a few extra hands for the ungainly pieces, but the rest I can move up the stairs myself. Then next Tuesday/Wednesday, the office. I figure the other rooms aren’t going to be ones I’m going to get all funny about. The long and narrow living room only has so many permutations, the kitchen even less. And once you have the Queen-sized bed in the room, everything else goes where it can.

But the office is different. Although I have a small room, 8×9 feet with a few extra inches here and there, it only has the desk and chair, my two large shelves and my college mechano-set shelf. The closet is big enough to offer excellent storage possibilities — for books, for project boxes, and for raw supplies. I might be able to get a small lounge chair in there, too. We’ll see.

I know I’ll miss aspects of my basement apartment, the Cat Cave as I call it. But the benefits will be worth it. Just have to do all the heavy lifting first.


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