I know. I get good at updating every couple of days and then it all goes to hell. Sort of. Anyways, here’s what came in my mail box on Monday, with me rubbing my hands together in anticipatory glee. (Instead of, yanno, arch-villain hand rubbing.)

This will round out my Viable Paradise reading list to about nine total books, not counting what I had read of Elizabeth Bear’s work before I was accepted. That’s three a month, a comfortable pace, so I expect no issues. And it’s nice having an undeniable reason to add to the To Be Read pile: But I have to! It’s for SCIENCE!

In the meantime, still plugging away on the WIP. I’ve hit 5,000 words per week the last three, though I am still chasing the 7,000 word goal (that’s 1,000 per day, per week). I should be writing right now, actually, but my day was brutal and I am self-medicating with a Coca-Cola and a loud selection of Pink, Lady Gaga and Glee blaring from my recently Lionized MacBook. No new submissions yet to any markets, but I have been dipping my toes back into critiquing, having done three at the Online Writers Workshop so far for July.

Included in the shipment is a guide book for Martha’s Vineyard and surrounds. Save for my one trip to Aspen (which I didn’t get to plan), I have a guidebook for every place I’ve traveled. It’s a tradition. Looks like there will be some excellent noms to be had, both aquatic and otherwise. And I can’t wait to see the ocean again. My first time, at night, a storm threatened to break against the coast. The rain held back but the winds howled in a black sky above churning grey waters. I couldn’t look away.

Anyway, I should get to it. My reward will be dinner and last night’s episode of Torchwood. So. Yeah. Back to it!

Bonus Points! Looks like I beat last year’s number of books read. It’s near the end of July and I’ve already read 37 books! Woot! That’s more like it, though I guess when I hit my challenge of 40 books on GoodReads, I’ll have to up my quota. *grin*


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