Novel Update

As expected, I am re-writing a lot of the beginning of the novel from scratch. I’m a few hundred words shy of 25,000 now, and I’d say that 90% is entirely new, rewritten with a better understanding of the characters and world then when I started. Much of what I’m writing now is planned, figured out when I did my read-thru of the first draft. Had a bit of a sticky part just yesterday, where I come across a gap in action I hadn’t realized was there. But after noodling with it last night, I’ve made it to the other side and I’m working at a good clip.

The 1,000 words a day goal is working out well. I’m not hitting it every day. But when I do sit down I am hitting it more often than not, and today I made up for yesterday’s lack of progress. Well, not entirely true — I trucked off to the library to get some notes typed in that I had been avoiding. 4,000 words of data entry later, and I am caught up.

Looking forward, I think I have another 25,000 words of rewriting to go before I hit the second half of the novel, which should switch gears from writing new material to revising what’s already there. Even in this next part, I’m hoping to see that I will be incorporating more and more of the existing material, not just writing brand new stuff, until the rewrite braids itself into the first draft. If I can stick out the 1,000 words a day I should have that portion of the novel done about a week in to August.

The goal is a completed second draft that I can, with a clear conscious, hand off to Beta readers before I leave for Viable Paradise. But I must remember that I am moving in August, which will have challenges of its own and require lots of my time. Moving the office alone could throw me off a week or more. Still, I’m hopeful that the second 50,000 words will be more of the smoothing and strengthening of what’s already there, and that the work will go more quickly.

Fingers crossed.


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