Punctuated Equilibrium

In evolutionary biology, there are several theories with how the evolving actually gets gone. Punctuated Equilibrium is where species stay mostly static for long periods of time and then, due to geological or ecological stress, quickly adapt to the new circumstances, entering a new state of stability.

And I have to say, my life usually evolves the same way. Long periods or status quo and then — FWOOSH! Everything topsy-turvy, on its head, get the license of the truck that hit me sort of thing.

On the heels of my acceptance to Viable Paradise (I am mostly over the gibbering stage. Mostly.) comes the opportunity to upgrade my living arrangements. The upstairs apartment, which offers a host of improvements, will be available August 1st. So while I am trying to make all the arrangements to get to Martha’s Vineyard, my little squirrel brain is in overload.

The upside to moving just upstairs is that I don’t have to arrange a truck or pack everything up in boxes. The downside is that this sort of move could take a heck of a lot longer as I truck things up the stairs. But who knows? We’re happy to see the backside of the tenant upstairs and a fall and winter that’s quiet and restful.

Plus, the cats are going to LOSE THEIR MINDS. Which is always fun. They are about as heat-starved as I am and when they see all those windows they will go all dewy-eyed and adorable and hyper.

Meanwhile, my body has reacted with traditional rebellion at all this excitement and upheaval; I am sick. As a dog. Even left work early and slept. (Boy did I sleep.) After a weekend of hoping it would go away, I’ve given up and gone into energy-saving mode. Which means the rewrite on Blood of Wolves has totally, completely tanked this week. But I’m sick enough to not really be too severe with myself. Haven’t been sick in a while, so I’m taking it easy, reading mostly. I hope that coming home early today will jump start my recovery ’cause I really can’t afford to let the next two days off, my regular work weekend, slip away. Have to get the flights booked, money orders and/or checks sent out, and I need to hit the library and bookstore to collect my summer reading material.

Not that I don’t have a bunch of books at home. But my TBR pile is getting pushed aside in favor of a crash course in the instructors for Viable Paradise. I am fan of Elizabeth Bear, but have only a passing familiarity with the other instructors. I’m kind of nerding out over a bit of serendipity, too. When I attended World Con in Montreal, I went to a reading where Elizabeth Bear read from one of her novels-in-progress. Another writer there read from a really cool-sounding time travel/civil war novel she was working on, one I added to my watch list. Turns out that was Debra Doyle, one of the instructors for VP. (I was lucky to meet Elizabeth Bear, too, thanks to my World Con roommate. Hoping I don’t embarrass myself in a fit of fangirl goofiness this fall. I promise nothing.)

Anyways. That’s my stuffy-nosed, sore throat, head-aching update. Meditating with tea and Zelazny, which is fabulously pleasant if you ask me.


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