Hitting the Highlights

Remember all that posturing and grumping about wanting to go back to night shift?

Yeah. About that.

When the shift bid came around, rearing like a frothing mad stallion about to charge right over all of us, I picked day shift. Same start time, same end time, same days off. (Same bat-channel!)

Why? I took a hard look at the pros and cons of each. As much as I loved the early mornings, there weren’t entirely my own the way my evenings are, and my writing productivity, about a month after I had acclimatized to the new shift, was about the same. Plus, day shift eliminates the stress that comes with worrying about catching the last bus at night, about how I am going to pick up groceries without doubling my travel time, about not ever having the option to have even a sliver of a social life.

What it comes down to is motivation. It’s not about writing in the morning or in the evening, whether there is sun streaming into my office or moonlight. It’s me at the keyboard, doing grown-up things like paying attention to my personal deadlines. No one is going to do this work but me and I will have to do it with the time I have, whenever that might be.

So, dayshift it is. (Plus, I take perverse joy in waking up naturally at 6:00am, even without the cat alarms. If I ever manage to get to write full time, I don’t expect that to change.)

Other Items:

  • I haven’t yet submitted anything to OWW (again!) but will do so this “weekend”, as well as pick a story to critique and send a shout-out-hello to the mailing list (maybe … have lurker issues).
  • No word yet on Viable Paradise save a mass email that went out alerting applicants that we would hear on or around June 30. Which was great news to my poor iPhone, who’s home button and mail app icon were being rubbed more often then a worry stone.
  • Rewrites on Blood are going well, actually. I’m trying to carve out 1,000 words a day. Not always hitting it, but hitting it more often than not. Turns out I am rewriting many of the first scenes from scratch, having the old scene side-by-side with the new work in Scrivener,
That’s about it for now. Got some writing to do, and once done I will be rewarding myself with some True Blood, Weeds and some homemade pizza. There may be pics!

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Highlights

  1. Steph

    Woot! Another applicant! Hi! 🙂

    And yuppers. I was good when the reply deadline was offered up, nice and comfortably a couple of weeks after the deadline. Now that we’re getting close again … I’m starting to get twitchy. Good luck with your application!

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