Figuring It Out

Trying to kick myself out of my mini-funk here.

Yanno what’s BEST about drafting? Capture a fragment, write down a paragraph or even whole pages, do a whole chapter on loose-leaf paper and then type it up at home — you can do it anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Editing? Not so much.

I have never before felt so trapped to a tool as I do now while I try to edit Blood of Wolves. There is some new material that’s being written whole-cloth, but just as many of the scenes in the beginning are either being revised (some superficially or some into a different viewpoint character)  or cannibalized into other scenes entirely. Trying to keep track of it all and trying to keep it mobile has proved overwhelming.

While I technically work at a computer all day, it is also monitored all day. (Literally. Every call I take is recorded and if it looks like I am even thinking about being on a non-work website, like Google Docs, for example, and I would be in huge trouble.) And while I have the current work files in SimpleNote, I would not be allowed to have my iPad running at my desk to work on during downtime between calls. No one cares if you have a pen and paper in your hand, but anything electronic is a no-go, which is awesome for drafting. Like, two novels so far awesome. But the editing has ground to a halt.

And I’m still on day shift. It makes my head spin to think that I am going to type these next words, but here goes: I WANT TO GO BACK TO NIGHT SHIFT.

I used to avoid night shifts with all my power. Fretted over getting them, but always managed to avoid them. But before, I also had this Common-Law / Husband-type creature who understandably wanted to spend time with me and vice versa. However, he’s no longer in the picture and now my schedule is entirely my own. And as the ridiculously energetic morning person that I am, I came to love, love, love my night shifts because I could be at the keyboard first thing in the morning without sacrificing my whole day. Sure, grocery shopping was nigh impossible and my social life disappeared except for writing meeting nights, but SHIT GOT DONE, yanno?

And shit ain’t getting done right now. Not at the pace I’d prefer, anyways.  So. Going to try getting up an hour early and see what I can accomplish before I have to get ready for work. Will try it for a week, see if I become homicidal, or merely productive. Please keep in mind that I already get up at 6:00 am every morning and I am out the door 45 minutes later. Prayers to whatever caffeinated gods you worship would also be appreciated.

I’ve also signed back up for the Online Writing Workshop, the OWW, as of this evening. I’ve Instapapered their guidelines to review and then I think I will put up one of the stories that got bounced back and start checking out stories already posted.


4 thoughts on “Figuring It Out

  1. Michael

    So, why not use the same principle for editing you use for writing? Print out a chapter or two of what you want to edit. Edit it on paper, go home and type it up. This will also allow you cast your eyes over it twice (on paper then when typing it up). Double checks system!

    You can thank me in the acknowledgements. 😉

  2. Steph

    Hehehe. You’re adorbs. 😉

    I have considered that, and I do that for short stories when I am in the middle of editing them. But the work I am doing now is HEAVY restructuring. I’m ripping out pieces of the scenes and sewing them into brand new sections. For now, it’s too cumbersome to work on at work.

    However, I am getting into my new habit, and my progress is improving. Yay!

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