The Right Incentive

I’m back on the horse again, and no one seems more surprised about it than the horse.

“Hrrr?” He digs at the ground with his right hoof and tosses his mane, not having seen me either open the gate or cross the meadow. But nevertheless he’s suddenly aware that there’s a weight on his back  that wasn’t there a moment ago, a weight familiar but long absent. He snorts.

I lean over and hand him a rosy apple.

He takes it in his teeth and crunches it deftly, one, two and three, and then looks up at me with his sharp brown eyes, as if to say, You think apples are going to work? Really? After all this time?

I make a face and pull out the small paper bag full of sugar cubes. “Will this do?”

He considers this a moment before wiggling his horse lips over the first proffered cube. It’s gone faster than the apple, but the horse holds his head a little higher. I get a look that snootily says, For now, right before the horse rears up and takes off at a gallop, me screaming all the way.


So, yeah, working on BLOOD, the big scary novel re-write. It’s been about a month and a half since I set my notes and the manuscript down to work on short stories and focus on the Viable Paradise application. In going over it again, it does not seem the monumental task that I thought it was. To make sure I don’t scare the crap out of myself, I’ve broken up the work into 1,000 word tasks, set up my little charts and started planning work scene by scene, whether they are brand new scenes or rewriting of previous material.

I don’t know why I psyched myself up so much about the rewrite, but I think spending that time really working over the short stories has let me come back to the novel in a better frame of mind.

On the short story front, I’ve received a rejection from Weird Tales (not a surprise), so finding another market for that story is on the agenda. As well I have edits, post-critique, for a short story I wrote in May.  That will give me two short stories to send out to market, and two in a holding pattern until I get either the acceptance or the rejection from Viable Paradise.

Anywho, the horse is getting impatient. Gotta go!


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