Playing around with the very OmnWriter-esque interface that WordPress now offers. I like, but you have to supply your own background music, so instead of calming and unidentifiable ambient music I have the Buffy Musical playing. Sarah Michelle Gellar is singing her melancholy “Going Through The Motions” song right now. Oops, we’ve segued to bunnies as the root of all evil. I need to re-watch that series. It’s been years. And I am jonesing for some Joss. (I’m pretty sure that’s a bonafide medical condition.)

In the meantime, brief updatery:

I finished the revisions and line-edits for both of the short stories I was working on. The new one has gone out to the writing group. The older one has been sent to a pair of eyes … which reminds me, I think someone else said they wanted a look-see. *fires off email*

Boy, do I have to glue my arse down to the chair when I am editing! Everything else is so damn SHINY. (See? Needs me some Joss.) But the last few days I powered through and found I could comfortably line edit about 2,500 words a night before going right stir-crazy.

It’s almost like, and I don’t want to jinx it here, that I am getting used to my day-shift. I’m trying to have leftovers on hand so when I come home I just sit down at the computer and work until around 7:00 pm or so and then go off and do whatever else. Last night, for example, I finished off the story edits and then watched the latest episode of A Game of Thrones and devoured the end of Deathless by Catherynne Valente.

It was a good night. A good couple of nights. I could get used to this.

The revision and edits for the new short story were less intensive than for the older story I wrote, what, a year ago? Maybe two? I reread it, made notes, and then rewrote it. The story went from 4,700 words to 5,900 words, which was totally in the wrong direction. After the line edit I got it back down, but only to 5,000 words. I hope the other sets of eyeballs can give me some advice on where else I can cut.

I am between projects at the moment. After throwing myself into the short story writing and edits, I feel disconnected from the actual WIP, Blood of Wolves. And I still have to get the package for Viable Paradise ready. The deadline looms!

And the verdict for the immersive writing window chez WordPress? Meh. I like my bits and pieces.


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