My Short Story, “Pearl”, is Live!

Ridiculously excited to write this, but here goes: my short story, “Pearl”, is live today over at Allegory magazine’s May issue.

It’s my very first sale. I’ll try not over-Tweet, over-Facebook, over-freakout the news.

In a strange life-coincidence, I’ve ended up with today off so I’ll be celebrating with a lovely steak dinner and a bit of Doctor Who. (Actually, the Doctor Who part has already been had. Loved it! But I think I need to re-watch River Song’s first appearance back in new Who Season Four. She’s quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite Who Companions.)

And firming up my application for Viable Paradise.

More to come. Promise!

In the meantime, enjoy a picture of the Ninja Kitty using Peach Kitty’s arse for a cushion. (She doesn’t mind!)


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