I took a mental health day today and stayed offline. Yes, I realize that this (points around to the edges of the computer screen you’re reading on) is technically online, but when I’m on the iPad it never feels like I’m online. Still, I’ve limited the amount of time I’ve checked in to places like Twitter and such and haven’t sat down at my computer once today. And a cold! Don’t forget the snotty, air-gasping infection that’s bloomed in my head and chest. Delightful. I holed up. I couldn’t tell you if it was sunny and warm or cold and miserable outside. Was not my problem.

But I needed it. I left work early on my-Thursday, unable to take the job anymore. (Didn’t quit or anything. I’m not that brave/crazy. But wasn’t going to be much use to anybody.) After a trip like Ad Astra, it’s really hard to go back to the daily grind, yanno, the one that feels like your an orange thrown into the juicer? Yeah. That one.

I vacuumed. I laundered. I cooked sausage and penne for supper. I made bread from scratch, something I haven’t done since cooking school. It took all day but the results were so worth it. I lounged, feet up, reading RSS feeds, watching old movies like Hello Dolly! and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It was a down day, one that will end with me heading to bed early.

Sometimes you need a down day. I put a lot of pressure on myself about what I expect to get done writing-wise every day. And when I don’t … well, it ain’t pretty. Believe me. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, about my writing and how I want to do it. And the boys in the basement have offered up some tantalizing new story ideas. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the computer, to work both on the novel revision and these new pieces.

Anyways, here’s to better days and white blood cells that start kicking some ass. And here’s a picture of my first bread loaves, a little green onion and garlic and herb number.



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