I love my little WordPress blog. I really do. Sure, I might quibble about formatting options and all, but I have stuck with this format for a very long time. Until I’m at the point where my blog needs to have more robust features, this will suit me just fine.

However, I loathe the WordPress app for the iPad. Yea, verily. To the point where I will go into Safari to write a post from the webpage directly rather than use the app, which has eaten my posts like a hungry basset hound might eat your slippers. End result, I end up blogging entirely on my computer, many times defeating the purpose.

Which is why I trawl the iPad App Store regularly. *grin*

Blogsy popped up in the featured app and after watching a walk-through video I was sold. (Let’s be honest: I got as far as the drag and drop of pictures directly from Flickr and I was all, “DING.”)
Trying to get a pi

cture in here. Being tricksie, though. It’s a shot of my latest acquisition, a copy of George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois’s Warriors.

So this post is mostly a test-post, albeit an overly elaborate one.

Did it work? Huh? Huh? Did it work?


One thought on “Blogsy?

  1. Stephanie

    Huh. It DID work.

    It also did something REALLY WEIRD when I tried looking at my blog on the website in Safari, but when I pressed the link to take me to the standard site, it went back to normal.

    Hmm…methinks I will be sharing this with my fellow iPadians. 🙂

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