The Preambler

I keep scraping my opening line for this blog entry. And it’s not like this one is any hell but apparently I need a pre-amble. So here I am: pre-ambling.

For the first time in about a month, I’ve written new words for the BLOOD draft. I guess I can say I’ve started the second draft. I wrote the new opening scene, and today the plan is to work out (by hand) the last three character studies that I need to get done and then I am going to hack up the existing scene structure in Scrivener and put place-holders where the stuff that’s missing has to go and flag the stuff that needs to be seriously re-written. I won’t monkey with the scenes that are mostly fine until I get to the third draft, which will be the smoothing, polishing, refining stage.

I suppose, in my youthful (ha!) folly, I always hoped that I would be one of the lucky ones. That I could write a first draft that would be mostly okay and the second draft would really be the polishy-smoothy stage — and that it wouldn’t take all that long to do. How silly. How naive. And I think burying that sort of nonsense, magical thinking is what’s held me back the last month or so. I was railing against the sense of, “But I’ve already done so much work! Does it really need so much more to go before I’m done?”

Yes. Yes it does.

I wrote 2,800 words in the last two days. I pushed through writing the whole first chapter for most of yesterday. I am not trying to power through, the way I do in drafting. This writing is a little more pick-and-choosy. I am trying to keep in mind what it is I have to lay the groundwork for as I write and I ended up bouncing around the page as I tweaked  here and there.

Today is a get-dirty day. I have to be able to see where these scenes have to go, and once I do, then I can get writing them. And worst-case-scenario, if I get stuck, I know there are several scenes where the action will remain but where the POV needs to get swapped around. Back up plans after back up plans. Tricking the damn monkey mind into doing what I want, not it wants.

The upside is that I can go to my writing meeting tonight with my head held high. I vowed not to come if I hadn’t written at least 2,000 words.

Back on track, people! Back on track.


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