Narrowly Avoided That One


Yes, tweaked the blog. Again. (Again.) But more importantly, I have avoided the temptation of signing up for a Square Space account. Not that there is anything wrong with Square Space — by all rights, it looks like a great service and when the time comes for me to have more control over my public/Internet presence, they will likely be the company I go with — but it’s not something I absolutely need right now. It’s a distraction, a toy, and one that I do not have the time for.

I do get frustrated with the limits of Word Press, which is why this places changes its figurative wallpaper/lamp shades/throw pillows every couple of months. More than anything, I want to make everything here my own. (That new banner picture is actually a shot of my cork board, in its current state.)

So, huzzah to avoiding temptation! Back to the WIP.


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