Best of Spam (I)

Just some favorites from the often bizarre spam posts I get on a regular basis. Enjoy!

— I like the diet lipton berry better than the diet citus. But, am I wasting my time or is this really good for me. I usually drink 2 diet cokes a day. I feel like the tea is better for me than pop? —

— Inside the globe is a graveyard scene with a tombstone, skeleton, and a spooky tree. —

— I’ve craved my whole life vinegar & cucumber sliced up in a bowl letting it sit for an hour or more. —

I like the middle one best so far.

Back to WIP notes. Proper update forthcoming.


2 thoughts on “Best of Spam (I)

  1. Huh, the spambot that wants homemade pickles actually strikes me as tragic. It’s a servant of the Internet, forever unable to go grocery shopping and slice up a simple cucumber for itself.

    1. Steph

      I laughed myself silly at your comment. 🙂

      The pop-verses-tea quandary is strangely appropriate, giving my predilections. o.O

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