Cameras, Patterns, and Witches

Odds ‘n’ ends:

Technology has not been my friend recently. Some hiccups along the road of switching to electronic media; I keep downloading my Locus magazines on my iPad and they don’t seem to be syncing back to my MacBook. New SD cards refusing to be read by my old digital camera. Little things that end up sucking up my time.

Meanwhile, the revision has gone into a new semi-pokey stage — typing up all my notes so they are in one location. Is this necessary? Feels like it. While I combine the notes, I try to think about the hard questions and I’m getting answers. There’s lots of heavy lifting to be done in the first half of the novel and I still haven’t figured it all out. Closer, closer, every day, like I am walking a spiral ever-inward. It’s fifty times longer than just going straight to the heart of the matter, but like Zelazny’s Pattern, it must be traveled, blazing and blinding, until you reach it’s secret heart and the answers to the universe are yours to bend and shape as you please.

Interestingly, time in the novel is compressing. Events that I had pictured taking place over many decades are getting compressed down to just thirty, within the lifetimes of the human cast. Motivations are deepening, interconnections being built. I wish I had someone to verbally bounce all this stuff off of in (to them) excruciating detail. Maybe someday.

Also, totally hooked on the Wicked musical soundtrack. Wish I could see it live. I really like the book it was based on, and the poster for the musical is just graphically brilliant. Will have to content myself with the music for now.

By this time this week, all of my notes will be complete. And I should, hopefully, know what the fuck I’m doing (or going to be doing) on the novel.


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