Dichotomies of Production

While Writing the Draft:

Before Work: I got my words done today. Yay! I’m making measurable progress and it feels great. Bring it, world! You can’t bring me down today.

At Work: Water off a duck’s back’, right? The writing is going well and that means everything else is cool. And tomorrow, I can write again. Life is good.


Before Work: I haven’t written today. God, I suck. And now everything is pissing me off.

At Work: Growl. Spit. Snarl.

While Revising the Draft

Before Work: Wow! I’m making terrific progress! I can see the mistakes and I am getting crazy-awesome-cool new ideas to build up the story. I am so excited about the revision!

At Work: Come on!! You guys are killing me here. Why can’t I be at home working on the revision? I want to be there, not here. Growl. Spit. Snarl.


Go fig.

Haven’t had a day yet when I haven’t worked on the revision, so I can’t tell if not working on the revision would mean for a happy night at work. Frankly, work be damned. I’m too jazzed about the work that is getting done to risk a day off the wagon. My brain feels like it’s stuffed with the muse’s version of pop-rocks at the moment and ideas are sparking off each other like mad. It’s a lovely, albeit scatterbrained, place to be.

Back to it.


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