Tri-Color Revising

A brief entry, because I am eager to get back to it.

I’ve decided I need to have my notes from the draft, and my larger thoughts on the notes, in the computer. (And that’s a topic for another time — how straddling between different recording methods really undercuts my efforts, but anyways.) I have notes written directly on the print-out of the draft, I have related notes in my little skull notebook, and I have thoughts about those thoughts — some fully formed, some only emerging as I review the notes.

So I am creating a new file in Scrivener for these combined notes and in order to keep them all straight, I’m doing it like so:

Chapter # – One Line Highlight of Action

Notes written on the print-out.

Notes written in the skull journal.

New notes, synthesizing the ideas or working through them.

Drafty WIP!

It’s very colorful. 🙂

I’ve also (relearned) that I can’t plunk a whole giant task in my lap, ’cause I balk and whine and get snippy. I have to cut it up into smaller pieces to not overwhelm myself. As soon as I do that, I am less resistant to the work and I end up being more productive. I’ve assigned myself a number of chapters to type up per day. If I get more done, fab, if not, I’ll be on track to have all the notes inputed on Tuesday, and then I can get on with the re-imagining with the new material.

Back to it for me!


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