So Close!

I am about thirty pages from completing my read-thru.

This, I realize, does not sound monumental. It does not sound earth-shattering, like something that should be shouted at the top of a mountain with a cape tied around my neck and fluttering behind me.

But it should. ‘Cause honestly? That’s how I feel.

Remember: I have two other novels in draft form that I have never gone back to edit. I tried editing the first (crashing like the comet that appeared in that story), and after giving the stupendously rough draft of the second to my very understanding beta readers (who really should be called alpha readers, it was so raw a draft), thought the time would be better spent finishing the draft of my third novel. The one with legs, I think. So I came to this read-thru hugely nervous, as previous blog entries have alluded to. I had wanted to blitz through it in the first week or so of the month and then throw myself into the restructuring and rewrites.

Instead, the manuscript was so big (biggest to date) and my head was swarming with all the thing that needed to be done, that the work slowed to a crawl and everything else became so much more interesting. The weeks of February pressed on and I got discouraged by my lack of progress. At the last writing group meeting, I decided, “Enough!” and came up with a plan. (See my previous entry.)

The good news? My trick has worked perfectly. Before anything else, including tooth brushing and fun reading even, I went through the assigned reading. Nothing else was allowed to me until that was done. I struggled with Friday and ended up finishing it Saturday. Today’s reading is done, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. All that I have left is Monday’s last few pages.

It’s crap, don’t get me wrong. *g* I’ll admit to be disappointed that it’s not as farther along as I thought it was. But I can work with it. There are new scenes to write, others to pitch. I’m seeing my writing in a new way, too. Patterns are popping up. Words I tend to favor, a weird tendency to leave off on the dialogue tags when I’m rolling, that sorta thing.

I’ll leave off discussing what I think my game plan is going to be until I’m finished the read-thru, which should be tomorrow, but I’m feeling much better about the whole thing. Forewarned and forearmed, and all that. Onward!


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