Well, Crap.

I’m just about ready to write February off entirely.

I went to bed last night, dreaming up pieces for the writing exercise that our group is working on and scribbling them down in a mad-woman’s scrawl at 1:30 am. My plan was to rise, read parts of the WIP, dive into significant free-writing for it as well (already started) as well as noodle on this writing exercise that, once again, may be taking a life of its own. Laundry, too, was also on the list, but that was to be the only concession to ‘real life’ that I had planned.

And when I sat down to the computer, mug of steaming French vanilla coffee in my hand and ready to start my writing day, I noticed an error message in iTunes. Huh, I thought. I started poking around and realized that my external hard drive, where I keep all my media but not my writing or photos, was no longer responding.

Huh, indeed.

The rest of the day was spent trying to coax it back to life, or at least communication with my MacBook, and save for brief moments where the icon would appear and it would let me see the files within it, it has not responded. It is now an inert thing, a white brick on my desk, the focus of all of today’s annoyance and misery.

About halfway through the day I admitted it was futile to keep trying and wiped the music and movies from iTunes’s memory. I found a program that let me get grab some of my music and eBooks off of both my iPhone and iPad, but that was only a fraction what I had. Music I can get again, save a few obscure CDs (my ex- might be able to help with that) but what will be most difficult or even impossible to get back are podcasts going back to 2005. Podcasts like I Should Be Writing, The Secrets, the original run of Writing Excuses, The Dragon Page: Cover to Cover, with author interviews and advice that I would go back to and re-listen. It will take time, time I don’t really have.

Plus, rebuilding what I lost will bring me right back to where I was that necessitated the external drive in the first place — as rock-solid as my MacBook, it simply doesn’t have the space needed to store all my stuff. I had picked up the external to not only back-up the MacBook but also serve as a place to store all those CDs and podcasts because my laptop was nearly out of space. I can rebuild it, but I’ll be just as stuck as before.

Making a new Mac desktop computer, with a terabyte drive and a big lovely monitor that would be a dream to work on and something I’ve been lusting over for ages, even more attractive.

While I decide what to do about it and work to recapture what I can, I am spoiling myself with the remains of an Autumn Riesling, a pizza of swiss, parmesan and mozzarella topped with caramelized onions and thick cut bacon, and The Tudors, Season 2.

(My word, the King and Anne Boleyn of this show make a handsome couple.)

Tomorrow, no matter what sorry state my laptop is in, will be wholly devoted to writing.

Hell. High water. Hard drive failures.



2 thoughts on “Well, Crap.

  1. the remains of an Autumn Riesling, a pizza of swiss, parmesan and mozzarella topped with caramelized onions and thick cut bacon

    Spoiling yourself? More like the only reasonable response to the situation!

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