Make that 48?

I had such lofty goals. Lofty. Loft-like. Loftish.

The goal was to submit something every friday, and for the month of January I totally rocked that.

And then last week happened, with the Glasses Emergency. (I have a new pair, and they totally rock and were worth every penny. To boot, I apparently needed the prescription anyways — the almost imperceptible eyestrain is completely gone, and I am reading like a demon now.) The entire Friday morning was scrubbed in pursuit of 1-hour glasses, leaving me cross and fuming for the rest of the day. With that mood heavy on my mind, I refused to sacrifice my Reading Saturdays, so dived into The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, and then immediately launched into The Language of Bees by Laurie R. King, taking up Sunday as well. It is part of my tasks today to hunt down God of the Hive, also by King, but in between (and keeping with the quasi-historical bent) I’ve dived in to The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory, sequel to her book,  The Other Boleyn Girl.

Funny story. I picked up The Boleyn Inheritance with a bunch of other historical novels a few months back. I don’t regularly read historicals, but wanted to stretch my horizons and I had enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl. But they stayed separate from my To Be Read (TBR) shelf, which is brimming with awesome titles at the moment. It was the back-up pile, walked past every morning, mostly ignored except when I would look down the spines of the book as I got dressed in the morning.

Twice before, a little oblong gift box that I’d received as a gift years and years before and who lived perched on top of this pile of historical books fell crashing to the ground when I closed the dresser drawers. The topmost book it sat on was The Boleyn Inheritance, which had frankly seen better days. Water damage from the previous owner had fluffed the pages, so it doesn’t sit flat on top and because the cover is a nice shiny one, the little gift box didn’t sit securely. It had toppled before, and I had replaced it, looking at the book as I did so.

Well, the other week, the gift box fell down, and fell hard, taking the book with it. The gift box broke upon landing, and The Boleyn Inheritance lay there, looking up at me.

I’m slow, but eventually I do get the hint.

But back to submitting. (And more excuses.)  I decided to skip last Friday, and just focus on the WIP. My weekend, which consists of Tuesdays and Wednesdays, saw some incremental progress on the read-thru.

And then my back decided to revolt, starting on Wednesday and I was so much pain that I called in sick on Thursday and did nothing but lay down and read. My back is better now (thanks to muscle relaxants, heating pads, and carefully placed pillows) so my plan is to get back on track with the WIP. I have a series of short term goals now that I can focus on, and I want to complete them ASAP.

Which means … no submission this week. Weirdly, if I had a rejection on one of my other two pieces, I could quickly research a market (quickly being very relative of course) and send it back out. But I don’t have anything I think is ready to go out besides those two pieces. I have two horror short stories in various stages of completeness, I have a (magic realism?) story I think is done but needs to be formatted for submission and needs a market, and other pieces only half-written. It would take too much time to get one of those pieces ready, especially when I want to make significant progress on the WIP. (I still plan on having 52 submissions for the year, but will have to make up that ground in the future.)

For now. I’m hoping to get back to my regular schedule for next week. So, WIP it is.

(WIP it. WIP it good!)


2 thoughts on “Make that 48?

  1. piscesmuse

    I wasn’t a huge fan of The Other Boleyn Girl. I found pace wise it kind of dragged out. Mind you I like my historicals a little raunchier, like in the romance catagory, so that might explain my less than enthusiastic view of it.

  2. Steph

    I had some issues, but overall I liked it. The movie was sumptuous, but then different from the book. But the story stayed enough in my head that when I saw the copy of “The Boleyn Inheritance” lying there, I figured I’d pick it up.

    As for raunchy, there was another historical that I picked up at the same time called “Shameless” … so I am hoping for some raunch there. 😀

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