Not As Planned

Don’t you love it when life picks you up by the ankles, thrashes you about, then drops you on your head and says, “See you next week?”


The read-thru is going as slow as molasses. I had come up with what I thought would be a nifty plan for today, figuring I could work on that and send out a story, it being Friday after all. But my glasses broke last night right as I was going to bed and now I am suffering through a pair that is sure to give me a whopping headache. It’s off to get a new pair ASAP, which means no work on the novel today and, worse, no submitting a story.

I’m CHEESED. Supremely.

However, I don’t have anything really send-able, either. The last two things I submitted are still out there (not a bad thing!) and the third story I have that is ready (I think) is weird and doesn’t fit any of the usual markets. I will not have time to properly research an appropriate market and format it this morning/early afternoon before work.

So, after four weeks submitting, I’ve come to a screeching halt. Which is probably a good thing because I can’t really SEE anything all that well at the moment.

Skipping this week, alas. Which means that sometime soon I will send two submissions out at once.

I will not let this derail me — REPEAT — I will not let this derail me. I can only derail myself.



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