Submission Yays and Printer Woes

Just a quick pop-on to say, huzzah! I have submitted another story to market today. It’s another electronic submission, this time to an online-only magazine. Happy dancing, and all of that jazz. Fingers crossed, too.

I’ve also altered my write-every-day mantra. If I am not writing, I at least have to be editing, which is what I did last night at work. Mostly because I spent the morning yesterday shlepping out to get a new wireless printer which then ate the rest of my morning during the configuring and testing stage.

Also, life lesson here: read iPad application info before buying it! I wasted my money buying two apps that are supposed to let me print from my iPad to the wireless printer directly. One does not print PDFs and required some off 3rd party software on my Mac and the other prints the absolute shittiest quality and is asking if I want to buy an upgrade in-app. Um, no.

But bad on me for not reading the information and doing my research. I was too busy squeeing and wanting the new printer to work right away to think about what I was doing. In all other respects, the new printer is working out well, so I will not let it (further) derail my mood.

‘Cause I’m happy! That sub was my second of what I hope to be 52 submissions this year, a new weekly habit. I have edited the one short story I wrote a the beginning of the year but haven’t gotten those changes down so I can send it out next week. If not that one, then one of my others.

Looking ahead, I’m worried that my word counts will suffer when I start the edit of BLOOD in earnest, which means I need to sit down and figure out my plan. This will involve more free-writing, mind-mapping and hand-to-paper stuff. Once I figure it out (or have figured it out enough to get started), I’ll talk about it here.

Definitely nervous. This is my next big plateau, editing a novel-length work. I have (the wonderful) Revision and Self-Editing by James Scott Bell handy, but I am also working through The Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel by Robert J Ray. Though, frankly, the latter is a mess. While well-reviewed on, the reviews are greatly different on GoodReads and closer to my experience so far.

I dimly recall the first book, once owned and then given away during The Great Book Purge of 2002, and the style seems to me to be completely different. I’ve just spent a few moments going through the preview of that book on Amazon and it honestly doesn’t look familiar to me. Anyways, so much of the motivations and plots that Ray talks about boils down to a very basic sexual determinism. It’s all about sex, all about reproduction. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for love, if you want to be romantic, or relationships that don’t involve reproduction. Gay literature would be completely incompatible with his suggested structures. I might not be reading deep enough and I am only a quarter of the way through the book. And the style of the book? The Rewrites book is written with endless, super-short sentences. BAM. BAM. BAM. Terms are flying about, unexplained (and I like to think I know my way around most of them these days.)  While there are some structural tools that will be useful, as I said to someone on Good Reads it feels like I’m looking at a bullet-ridden body and I need to slap on my forensic detective hat to figure out what happened.

Hmm. Not so quick an entry after all. You’ll forgive?


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