I’ll Take That No!

On Monday I received my rejection from The Zombie Feed and it was a good one.  (You can find the Table of Contents over here.) No, really, it was a good one. Sure, an acceptance would have been awesome, but this was a pretty solid no, so I’ve been gearing up to send it back out there.

To do so, I’ve been aggressively researching markets. Sure, I’ve poked around a couple of times to find this or that, but now its different. I was going to use my iPad’s Story Tracker program, but I’ve come across Duotrope Digest (which I am sure every other writer on the Interwebs has already heard of, ‘cept me) which will save me all the trouble of entering all the data and still track the submissions for me. Done and done.

As for writing, it’s just as I thought … as soon as January hit, BOOM, out come the words after a week and a half off from writing. I’ve written a horror short story, and I am nearly done a second. One was an outgrowth of a writing exercise, another is a story I’ve been creeping myself out with for about a month now, since before the snow hit. Neither are overly long. The first is 1,300 words, the second will be around the same.  I have my other stories on the iPad for editing and I am going to try my best to take Carrie Vaughn’s advice from the Odyssey Podcast (#38to be precise) to heart — besides whatever other projects I have on the go, a short story gets submitted every week, without fail. It’s habit that builds the craft.

And I think I found a market for my little zombie story. Friday’s coming up fast!



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