Memes! First Lines of 2010

I found this over at Mary Robinette Kowel’s blog and have shamelessly stolen it. Here are the first lines of the first post of every month of 2010 from my blog. With linkage!

1. It has been hard, damn hard, to begin the rewrite of The Lost Novel.

2. I think I’m settled in.

3. Not that I should be complaining about productivity.

4. Script Frenzy, that is.

5. Weekend was a bit of a wash on the creative front, as Saturday night was the TGIO (Thank God It’s Over) party for Script Frenzy and then Sunday night I came home after work, retooled the wireless router and then found myself sinking into a sleepy fog that claimed me way before bedtime. (Oh my, that’s a long sentence!)

6. At last I have both the dock and iPad case.

7. Pardon the exclamation marks.

8. I’ve submitted my first short story to a professional, online market.

9. It has been an unspeakably horrid weekend.

10. Just finished Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis.

11. Apparently I have to have my “Woe is me!” moment of crisis before I break through whatever block I’m up against.

12. It was such a simple thing, I thought.

A lot of these first lines are continuing from the title of the entry, so they don’t always anchor the entry on their own. Something I should change? Dunno. Most of these entries are directly writing-related, or at least book-related. I try to keep the blog focused on those two activities, and topics that intersect them, and for the most part I have. I still have plans to remove the old archived entries of my cooking school days, as they only add a lot of bloat and don’t really mesh with the current purpose of the blog. One more bit of computer/housecleaning to do.

Anywho, bouncing back to some new writing. Woot!



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