Brief Update-ery

Christmas has come and gone, the usual whirlwind accompanied by too much wine, too much stuffing and generally too much. It’s also the end of my weekend (yes, do the math — it means I worked all through the holidays and will do so again for the New Year) but at least this one was productive.

I’m sitting in my living room listening to the soundtrack for The Fellowship of the Ring and I have the Apple TV playing a screen saver of epic, HD images of space, some real and some fantastical. It’s a peanut butter and chocolate sort of deal and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. The bulk of the day was getting it set up with reams of images on a variety of themes. Yes, having Netflix and the iTunes store on here is great, but having my music and my pictures up there? It’s like a stream of consciousness that I can watch, partly of me and partly not.

But it wasn’t just fun and games today! Part of it was getting hard copies of my Excel files where I tracked my word count for the year. (Final tally after finishing BLOOD? 140K for the year!) These went into my Year-in-Review binder, which holds my hand-made dayplanner stuff — to-do lists, scratch pad items, mind-maps of problems or strategies, that sort of thing. I can never find a dayplanneer that a) does all of what I want, b) is large and flexible enough to expand, and c) isn’t so expensive that I agonize over buying it and then worry over every day I don’t use it. This puppy is a 3-ring binder, has a 12-month set of divider tabs, if I skip a week or month who cares, and I can put anything into it. What I noticed was that as soon as I started using it regularly I ended up writing out more lists, keeping the lists, and sticking to them. Unless the to-do was project related, like for BLOOD, it all goes into the binder. And this year, cause it was so useful, I’m adding more to it, like calendar print-outs and more!

The other part of my day was spent giving the old MacBook a tune-up, clearing out old junk to get back some of here speed. Starting to look at the old girl like my own Millenium Falcon.

Faster computer also means faster writing, so I consolidated all my fiction into three Scrivener super-documents: Short Stories, Novel Crucible, and Writing Exerecises. Don’t worry — each actual novel gets its own file, but the rest are too small and too numerous to have their own files. I’d too soon be drowning in them!

But the one thing I’ve been meaning to organize but still continue to a avoid is the reworking of the BLOOD files so they aren’t such a sprawly mess. I did get a copy into iAnnotate for the iPad for my upcoming first crack at editing, but beyond that … Well, lets just say that beyond some reading, tomorrow morning is being set aside for that task and that task alone.

So, no writing, but gearing up for writing. I did promise myself a break after the finish, but I only have a few days left before it’s back to work on some writing, even if it’s not on a novel.

Truth is, I’m getting a bit of an itch. I gotta feeling Januay might be productive.


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