Surprising Sums

This morning is a tooth-pulling sort of morning. I had words written longhand that had to be entered into Scrivener, the knowledge that I didn’t write yesterday weighing me down. My sleep cycle remains out of whack — I went to bed as soon as I got home but did not fall asleep right away. Waking at 8am, I felt sluggish, and the cold of my office has not helped. I have the heat cranked, but my office is in the basement, in a corner of the building that is exposed to winds on both edges and has very, very old windows that do not seal well. I have the electric heat very high but I cannot expel the chill from my bones. I did not have this room converted to an office last year. It was storage, and mostly sealed off. Plus last year, as I recall, we had a very mild winter and this year promises to be anything but.

So, cold, sleepy, feeling guilty, the words that should take no time at all to type in going so slowly, and I figure, fuck it, just get them in and then go do something else. I decide to update my Excel files with my meager output over the last couple of days (only a 1,000 words or so). I also decide that I should update my year tallies.

And, wowsers — I’ve written 130,000+ words this year!

All in all, I’m quite pleased. I still want to translate that NaNoWriMo output to the rest of the year. And I think I will cut this entry short before it becomes the Year in Review entry that I need to write. Heck, I probably need a decade in review, to boot. A good chunk of that, 50,000 words, is of course NaNoWriMo. The work is roughly split between the over-developed script from Script Frenzy (that will be the blueprint for a novel, maybe) and the current novel-in-progress, The Blood of Wolves a.k.a. BLOOD here on the blog. There were a couple of short stories in there, too. It doesn’t count any of the words spent here on the blog or in my journals at home or any of the writing exercises that I do for fun. Considering my rough goal for the year was 7,300 words per month with the expectation of 93,000 words for the year, I’ve overshot that but quite a bit. It was a modest goal, though, something that will need to be bested.

In the meantime I will look at that happy, fat sum of words as I might the Christmas goose — she’s a beauty, she’s tasty as hell, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my eye on a bigger goose next year.


(Psst. Math is fun.)


2 thoughts on “Surprising Sums

  1. Andy

    Congrats on the awesome word count for 2010.

    Mine doesn’t compare (if I had tracked it), but I know it was a very productive year for me as well.

    Here’s to 2011 being equally productive on the word count front.

    BTW, liking your new journal layout. Very different compared to what you had.

  2. Steph

    Thanks! Like a previous entry said, it was more of a “Oh GOD how did I screw this up?” followed by frantic fixing rather than a concerted effort to update the look. In the end it turned out. Whew!

    As for word count, it only counts when you compare last year to this year, and I have no doubts that we’re all way farther ahead then the year before. We did awesome!

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