Tinkering Gone Awry

It was such a simple thing, I thought. “Tweak your blog! It will only take a few minutes.”

Here is the breakdown of the crime scene:

  1. I start with a template. I like that one, it’s purty! *click*
  2. I see I can change the font to further customize my site. Neat!
  3. This is through TypeKit. Okay. I sign up for my freebies, agonizing over the two I get to pick.
  4. Huzzah! My blog will be nifty!
  5. Discover only eight or so WordPress Templates support them.
  6. SHE-HULK stirring.
  7. Figure out which ones they are, and pick one I’m only half in love with.
  8. Apply my fonts! Yay! Feeling creative and edgy!
  9. Fonts have buggered up the site completely so it’s unreadable. Boo.
  11. Try to remove the fonts, appears to have no effect.
  12. Thinking, a-ha, I’ll just change the template to one that’s not supported!
  13. It looks all templates support TypeKit to some degree.
  14. Cannot get rid of unreadable body text font.
  16. Delete the unreadable font from my TypeKit and this seems to do the trick.
  17. In for a penny, in for a pound, methinks.
  18. Spend the next half how cleaning up my links.
  19. Realize I have wasted two hours.


About to break MOAR stuff!

At any rate, the site is all better now. It’s more colorful, which I like. I found the other site just too washed out and, frankly, a little old-fashioned looking. I’m not allowed to play with it until June now, kay? If you see me making eyes at the template screen, stop me!


2 thoughts on “Tinkering Gone Awry

  1. piscesmuse

    now I want to go and tinker with my blog!!! Damn you!!! (actually I might just buy a domain this year and get a really super pretty template!!)

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