The Hell?

Yesterday rocked as far as word count goes. Not only did I make my goal of 4,000 words (broken up into manageable 1,000 word sprints), I made a metric ton of tender, uber-delicious pork and cabbage gyoza and managed a Skype call to my buddy Michael in BC (which I totally needed, thank you!).

Today, I’m trying for the same word count, but I am getting dangerously close to areas that I have not outlined yet. Not sure if I am going to try to push through the remaining portions I have outlined or if this will involve a sit down with a clipboard and some paper. But it’s making me nervous, even skittish.

Didn’t help that the cats woke my up extra early. My body is more than happy to stay up to midnight or 1:00 am now thanks to my new work schedule, but sleeping in? Not if my biological clock and my cats have anything to say about the matter.

Speaking of which, Babs, the newest addition to my little furry stable, has become the biggest, most adorable nuisance when it’s time to write. Greyson and I had come to an arrangement. He either (rarely) sat alongside on the table top or (usually) sits in one of the sacrificial blanket boxes I have stashed around the office. Occasionally he would squirm between me and the keyboard, all tucked in, neat as a pin.

Babs needs more. Much more. She needs the desk lamp on, presumably for her close up. She needs to spread across not only the entire left side of the desk but usually the keyboard as well. She’ll walk all over it or lay her arse across it, typing mystery words in felinese that bugger up the copy. If there is a book or an iPad or an iPhone, she is either on it or eating it. And if, gods forbid, I am not petting her, she will sit there with the most cross, pissy expression on her face — which means things are about to get nasty. Ergonomically, my writing environment has become a contortionist’s dreamscape and I, sir, am no contortionist.

Anyways, there’s my whiny interlude for the day. I still have the SFContario report to come, but when I try to sit down to write it, the little voice inside my head whispers, “You’re still behind for NaNoWriMo!”

So, writing. Back soon!


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