Madness! Served with Soy and Sesame Oil

This might be craziness talking, but I’m up for a little crazy.

After getting in the smattering of words I managed here and there over the last five days into the computer, I did the math and realized that I was fully 4,000 words behind my NaNoWriMo goals. That is a bit grating, since I was doing so well, but on the other hand, if I had that great 4,200 day before, I can do it again.

Crazy talk? I want two 4,000 days.

Slightly less crazy talk? At least one 4,000 day.

Tomorrow will be that day. I’m going to break it down into four 1,000 word sessions. In order to really encourage myself, I am going to also make tomorrow night gyoza night. As great as SFContario was … I’m still totally bummed at my lack of good restaurant experiences. Doesn’t hurt that I watched a video podcast on the bus ride home showing a slightly different gyoza cooking method. Mua-ha-ha.

Anyways, that will be double the incentive, because making dumplings is rather labor-intensive. Can’t fart around all day, cause there is gyoza to be made! (Then eaten, the digested the way a Tyrannosaurus Rex might have after decimating a herd of some lessor herbivores, belly extended, almost dying from over-indulgence.)

So I have three things to do tomorrow:

1. Write 4,000 words.
2. Do my laundry.
3. Make gyoza.

If I could avoid getting dressed, I would, but I’m sure the city would frown on me heading out in my skivvies for supplies. If anyone wants to volunteer for a gyoza grocery run, text me! *grin*


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