A small check in and shout-out. I have passed 25,000 words so far for the month of November and a day ahead to boot. I’m pleased, but that feeling is muted slightly by the knowledge of total slacking on my part for yesterday and today. I have been writing, but not keeping up with the minimum daily words to seal my two-day lead. It’s been a sleepy sort of weekend and I think the change over from dayshift to afternoons is starting to catch up with me.

What have I learned, though? The earlier I get to the computer in the morning, the better chance of making my words for the day. If I start dinking around with chores or getting dressed, if I start chopping out that time into tasks at the computer and away from the computer, my focus falters and I’m more inclined to procrastinate. I’ve also learned that by 11:00 am, my butt is sore and needs a change of scenery. Since I am absolutely besotted with Sun of Suns right now (see my book page with accompanying links), I am dying to get back to it.

So, this whole afternoon thing is still a work in progress. You can’t argue with the results from November, though. I am on track and feeling good. Just have to keep up the momentum. Monday I will be setting my alarm clock for 7:30 am and for my weekend I’m planning another 5K day (and this time scrupulous attention will be paid to my word count tallies).

Happy writing!


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