One Week In

A week into NaNoWriMo and so far, so good!

I was hoping to make daily check-ins on my progress here on the blog, to either crow or cry, but there hasn’t been time. So instead I’m going to do a week-in-review style post and try to keep up with that. Doesn’t mean I won’t post other things, but the NaNoWriMo updates will be like a Sunday dinner sort of occasion.

I started the month out strong, quickly gaining a day ahead and maintaining it for the first five days. Then, I got cocky and filled my body to the limit with terrible, terrible stuff. After the write-in at Chapters on Thursday night, my body promptly shut down all higher functions for 36 hours. I managed to (kinda) sleep through about 24 hours of that, but my Friday at work was hell on wheels. When I got home, I angsted about it but eventually decided to take advantage of my lead and call it a night.

Glad I did. While I hated breaking my streak, it was the best thing for me. Saturday I woke feeling better, though not a hundred percent. Still, I managed my word count and got to sleep even earlier last night. And today? Feeling good, and getting ahead. Still not as far ahead as I was before I skipped the day, but gaining ground.

It’s weird right now, the writing, but good. As I’ve mentioned, I’d planned out the current section, about seven or ten scenes, and I’m two thirds of the way through these notes and starting to get skittish again as I get close to what (at least I think) is a pretty cool scene. (This always happens. I don’t know why.) And as I get closer, I start writing sideways.

What do I mean by that? Well, I start writing scenes around and leading up to the big scene, ones I never pictured. And because, while this might be a form of procrastinating though not as bad as, let’s say, watching Anastasia on Netflix (which is what I am doing right now but is totally deserved because I made my word count), at least it’s still writing and I sort of get a pass.

Tonight, for example, was one of these sideways scenes. I realized that I hadn’t touched base with one of the main secondary characters and I really should before moving on to the next big scene.

And what happens?

I find out that my main character drugged her best friend for a good reason and a selfish reason (the whole idea having never occurred before but just presented itself), that the best friend realizes there will never be a future for the two of them, and I now have the perfect setup that gets the best friend out of the picture and leaves the main character vulnerable to her greatest fear and the enemy — with no one left to stop her from doing something rash and dangerous.

That’s a win in my books.

On to the next week of NaNoWriMo!


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