Here’s The Plan

My work situation is about to do as much of a 180 as can be done without losing the job altogether: I’m switching from day shift to night shift.

This is, as you can imagine, a mostly unwelcome change. I was thanking my lucky stars yesterday when it appeared that it was not going to happen. But when I followed up today, knowing that these things usually do not go my way), I found out my lingering doubts were well-founded.

Going from day shift to night shift will be a challenge. I am morning person, on the whole, most active during the early hours and lethargic at night. Of course, as soon as I cast the problem in that light, the light bulb went off in my dim little noggin.

This. Could. Work.

So, the new plan is to set my alarm for 8:00 am, out of bed and at the computer no later than 9:00 am and writing until noon. At noon, I log off and I loaf around, getting dressed, packing lunch, catching up on TV or reading, and then heading into work. The sleepiness might even help with the customers — kidding! And bed by 1:00 am at the latest, earlier if possible.

The only wrinkles are these: going to bed on time and the cats. When I worked in a kitchen, it was damn hard to come home at 11:00 pm and just roll into bed. You get too keyed up because you were on your feet moving around, it takes a while for your body to calm down even if you’re too mentally tired to think straight. (And the high of a great night in a kitchen is hard to come down from, too.) These days, energy levels are something I do not have in abundance after coming home from work and it’s made writing at night difficult. Not impossible, but not easy.  Of course, convincing the cats that I really need to be in bed until 8:00 am isn’t going to be easy, either. (I’m thinking automatic feeder.)

Honestly, this was something I was hoping to avoid having to think about altogether, but here it is. It will mean a more comfortable paycheck for me and it might give me time during the day to write when I am really at my best. It may scrub my plans to attend SFContario. I should know more next week. (My fingers are still really crossed for this, as I need to get out of town — madly, desperately — and I will be crushed if I can’t go.) It also means no NaNoWriMo events for me, except for the ones that are scheduled for my regular writing meetings. Oh, and no more Monday night write-ins, either. *sigh* I’ll just have to text them all madly from work.

Bottom line is that the new plan is still the old plan: Write! Write! Write! (Now with new office hours.)

Happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Here’s The Plan

  1. Piscesmusr

    Boo urns on the new schedule! What will your days off be? We also have weite ins on Saturday afternoons from 1 pm to 3 pm so don’t count yourself out of al Nanowrimo events just yet!

    1. Steph

      True enough! I think I can make the ones held in the downtown area.

      Days off remain the same, so I’m still okay for Wednesday nights.

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