Little Jigsaw Pieces

I’m in my office this afternoon, enjoying the fact that the orbit of the earth and the tilt in its axis means that the sun’s light has shifted (from my perspective) and giving me what was morning sunlight just weeks ago well in the afternoon. There is a pleasant ambient light in the room, making all the colors feel gently bright and wakeful and making me feel lovingly mellow.

Today is my Saturday. I have done running around. I have cleaned. I have the next 36 hours at my disposal and I plan to use them and love them well.

As for jigsaw pieces:

  • Picked up a USB hub, so now I can have my external monitor and my Wacom tablet and my iPhone or iPad charging happily away all at the same time.
  • Speaking of the Wacom tablet, it is wonderful but not a tool that I use often mostly because the program I have that really takes advantage of the Ink capabilities of it doesn’t do what I want. Recently I discovered that deviantART has a graffiti pad built into the site with these lovely brushes. I spent about a half hour just playing with it and now I want an art program for my Mac.
  • Spoiled myself with the 3rd Season of The Big Bang Theory that was released today, as well as buying myself terrible junk food and concocted plans to order pizza for myself tonight.
  • Invigorating myself thanks to the book Getting Things Done by David Allan. Yeah, I know, late to the party, but at least I finally found the confetti. I’ve been reading and reviewing this the last week or so, and I’m putting the strategies to good use. In fact, the next several hours will be a continuing processing of my Inbox, and all the goodies I’ve accumulated.
  • I can type 40 words-per-minute on my iPad. Faster when I take the Bluetooth keyboard with me. This is so ace.

Most importantly, I’m back writing. Tricking myself, starting small, but as I said to Andy the other day, I hadn’t just fallen off the wagon — I lost the last wheel two weeks ago and all that’s left is a plank of wood no bigger than a toboggan.

Anywho, time to get to work. Forgive my babblings.


2 thoughts on “Little Jigsaw Pieces

  1. I think my wagon has lost its wheels and had its plank has worn down to a toothpick by this point. I’m still writing, but not so much of the fiction that I want to hammer out. It annoys me when I can hammer out a 600 word review in an hour, or a 1500 word blog post for either my writing or my cycling blog in 30 minutes, but can’t hammer out a single word for a piece of fiction. The 5-hour assignments for school aren’t helping either I suppose.

    Got any tips to get my butt back in the writing chair?

  2. Steph

    Hah. I have no idea. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know. 😉

    Right now, I’m resorting to trickery. Coming at it from an angle. I believe I’ve hit the 30,000 word wall and I just need to push myself over the edge. So that trickery is going to involve some character work, mind-mapping, and research.

    I think I’m resisting for two reasons. First, I haven’t figured out exactly how to get from the well developed ‘A’ I’m nearing the end of now to the ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ that’s coming up next. (Vague, I know.) And when I don’t have that confidence, I can’t approach the work. I do anything and everything but. The second reason is that the story is “important” now, it’s a big project with hopes and dreams, not something I’m just playing with. Having that sense of play, of no consequence, lets me write. As soon as the “it should” and “it’s gottas” come out, I freeze right up.

    Have to get past it, though. It’s driving me a certain kind of crazy and that stress is leaking out to other aspects of my life.

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