After spending the day shuffling items around in my office, I spent a chunk of the afternoon finally getting around to that book I’d borrowed from the library. You know, that bit of serendipity I mentioned earlier? Yup, all about the history of medieval medicine! This is of vital importance to me, as the main character for BLOOD is a would-be scientist, like her father. But beyond some very vague ideas of how she might go about any of this, I’d skimped on many of the details, favoring action and dialogue.

No longer!

And the cool thing is just how much they did know back in the 1600s, which is my watermark for the highest level of technology in my weird little gothic world. Things like the first microscope, mechanical hands, surgery that removed cataracts, even mobile surgery kits.

How cool is that?

I have a sweet little setup, actually. Book is on a book stand to my left, iPad and Bluetooth keyboard in the middle (where I am taking the notes and now writing this blog entry) and the Macbook on my right cycling through Good Eats episodes.

I love the future. Don’t you?

As far as my Getting Things Done blowout? Yeah, on hold. I did spend some time today moving around my tools, things like screwing my little IKEA bucket holder on to the wall, pairing down storage boxes, getting things off of my desk. I still have more reading to do to finish the book and I think I’m going to need some supplies to get the system in place. Like, specifically I want to move my filing cabinet into the office proper, but then I have a gap in my living room that needs to be filled. (It files and holds stuff on top of it! Huzzah!) Maybe even a second filing cabinet. I also have to figure out how much of this will be electronic and how much of this will be physical. I plan on doing some writing tonight, some exploratory thinking about what it is that I want to track, store and use. In going through the book, I’ve realized that I’ve got a pretty decent system of inventory for all that life stuff — folders for banking info, for work, for my medical papers, my cats’ vet papers, my taxes, and so on. But it’s my creative stuff that I have all over the place as well as all the task-related stuff, both creative and non-creative, that I need to get a handle on.

Anywho, I’ve got reading to do!


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