Vicious Circles

It has been an unspeakably horrid weekend. Don’t want to get into the details on the hows, the whys, the oh-for-fucks-sakes-ness of these last two days. Suffice it to say, there has been zero creative work done despite the plans I had for my days off.

But today I settled in to watch the live streaming of the Apple keynote (revealing all manner of delightful devices like a Companion Cube-esque iPod Nano and the much anticipated Apple TV that will be a must-buy down the road), had myself a tall, frosty Coca-Cola, made some fresh popcorn and broke out the colored pencils.

Yes, it’s Arts and Crafts day today! I’m filling up my inspiration board, probably the girliest thing I’ve ever done (not that it makes it any less personally vital to me).

It’s slow going, but relaxing — something I need right now, something in such short supply. I have “Write Hot, Edit Cool” in big letters, with little flames and icicles. I have a little ditty from James Scott Bell’s “Art of War for Writers” about the merits of Ding Dongs during times of stress. I’m going to print out some images that are especially potent to me and they will be pinned up next. A few random images I’ve picked up along the way and haven’t parted with for one reason or another. They tickle at the brain, possible story starters. Up they go, too.

Part of it is that I haven’t been writing. There are two vicious circles in my life, one that can be used for good and one that can be used for evil. If I am writing, I write more; if I am not writing, I stop writing.

And I get miserable.

Trying to un-miserable. Wish me luck.


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