A Lovely No

I’ve received my rejection for PEARL from Abyss and Apex. A very nice no, but a no nonetheless. Taking it easy today, but tomorrow I will look for the next electronic market. And I need to do the same for those other short stories I have on the back burner. More I do it, the less I’ll angst and the thicker skin I’ll have for when the novels start heading out for submission.

(Though, frankly, I’m not all that upset. Getting a story rejected is nothing compared to getting dumped; I can write another story, but I can’t write another life.)

Speaking of which, submissions not life, I’m going to focus exclusively on markets that take electronic submissions. Cash is short, and except for the few Canadian short story markets (and trust me, they are few and far between) I don’t want to hassle with either International Coupons (do they still even use those?) or trying to track down American stamps.

Next thing I’m looking forward to is getting my last novel-length WIP back from the critique group. September 9th is D-Day! I have already gotten one back from a group member who has since moved to Ottawa, and will have three more coming. Should be more than enough for me to figure out whether or not the novel is worth editing.

Because that decision is still up in the air. My first novel is so … sweet. Sweet like the missing-eye, loose-stitches first teddy bear sort of sweet. An earnest, if incomplete effort. It tried so hard, but it will never grow up to be a real novel. Trunked. My second novel, LAST WITCH, is I think a much better first effort. Not that it means that it is publishable. No, no. I think it’s probably too much of the same-old-same: young, modern heroine learns magic is real and is taught by kooky mentor.  Who hasn’t seen that a bazillion times? I think there is a nice twist to the overall premise that might save it, but might not. Even if I do decide to commit to editing, that doesn’t mean I will submit it. It would be a good exercise to go through and edit a novel, even if it doesn’t render the novel publishable.

I think the current novel, BLOOD, has a lot more going for it in terms of world building, characters and conflict. I’m more excited about going back to edit this one, once it’s finished. It’s still being assembled by this weird, jigsaw writing process. I don’t think I could be one of those writers who publishes something chapter at a time. I would get completely, utterly, moribundly stuck about six chapters in. Then, madness. Overall, though, I think it has a better chance of making it.

In short, if SPARROW KING was my older sibling’s bike that I tried to ride and completely KO’d on, then LAST WITCH feels like my first bike, complete with training wheels, but I made it around the block without falling over. BLOOD feels like this will be the first bike I rode on my own, no trailing wheels.

In other news, I need to journal tonight. For a long time. Possibly with a glass of wine. Stuff is building up and I can feel it weighing me down.  As much as I enjoy the hell out of 750words.com, I don’t want it to replace my actual journals and it’s threatening to do so. I’ll have to get in the habit of exporting my 750word entries, though — some interesting tidbits in there. When I finally get my journaling urges out, I want to use 750words for just weird, experimental writings.

Also, writing poetry. Bad stuff. Horrible.

But terribly entertaining. (To me!)


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