But What Else?

Relaxing with a glass of wine tonight, hoping my back and I can come to some sort of cease fire arrangement. What my back doesn’t know is that if negotiations go poorly, I’ll be doing a double cross and picking up some muscle relaxants. Take that, back!

(Old Woman)


I’ve been unofficially trying to blog every two days. Or so. I’ve more or less, mostly less, done so and I don’t think I quite like it. Not that I don’t like blogging. But way, way back when I first picked it up I found that when I started drifting to general life topics, I got less interested in the blog itself.

Doing book reviews doesn’t interest me. While I have my opinions (oh, do I have opinions!), I don’t want to slag off someone’s work. I do that in the privacy of my own book journal or occasionally with friends in real life. Just can’t help but think that someday, if I am supremely lucky, my books, things I have labored over and loved, would be torn a new one for all the world to see. And besides, someone loved these books enough to be publish them, even if I don’t.

I would like to make the blog more link-a-rific, collecting tidbits that I find off the ‘Net relating to writing, but because I blog so infrequently, such links are a week old by the time I think of it and a week on the Internet is like a century ago.

An idea for a new kind of website popped into my head the other day, one I’ve been toying with, but it would be a separate creature from the blog and far away yet. Still pondering.

As far as writing goes, I spent my Saturday night working on BLOOD. I’ve changed the 1st person entries into 3rd person, and then I wrote a new scene. Managed over 1,700 words, which is excellent for me on a work night. Left me a little burnt out the night after. Even today, which was the Monday night write-in, I didn’t really write anything substantial. I finished blocking out a scene and updating my scene cards.

I also solved my quandary regarding a sudden P.O.V. character as I went through the scene lists and cue cards. One of my previously written scenes can easily be re-written from his perspective, and improved upon as a result. I won’t do so now — it would be more intensive of a rewrite than switching from 1st to 3rd — but I might save it for when I get stuck, which I seem to do a lot with BLOOD. Very stop and go, when I just want to go-go-go!

Wine has worked it’s magic. This “weekend” of mine will be split between house work and writing. Would like to try for at least 2,000 words in the next two days. Wish me luck!

PS: Can I ever tell I wrote this entry with that glass of wine! Fiddled with the sentences and stuff, as well as putting back the old woman joke that disappeared because I was using HTML codes.


4 thoughts on “But What Else?

    1. Steph

      Awesome! I look forward to any and all help. :3

      And yeah, I may play around with the web idea a bit before the next meeting. You’re coming out, right?? 😀

  1. Hope the 2k per weekend day has turned out well. I’m getting a little behind on my own 750/day goal.

    Let me know if you decide to go forward with your web experiment. I’ve got one that I’m toying with as well. I’m thinking of a separate biking blog, just keeping track of useful cycling knowledge, tales of cycling woe and wonder, that sort of stuff. Just thinking about it though.

  2. Steph

    Hey, a biking/visual blog of Ottawa would be great! The city is perfectly set up for biking and it’s gorgeous to boot. Do it!

    Mine is still writing-based, but instead of just my inane babble, I’m thinking of something that would be helpful to other writers. Still percolating. I will do some mind-mapping on it today.

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