Math Is My Friend!

I spent some time today tracking my word output. It’s something I worry about, my output. I worry, as I am prone to do, that I am not prolific enough, that I do not stumble towards that magical, mythical 1,000,000 words fast enough. Not that a million words are proof positive of creative triumph or publication success but if you do something often enough, something’s gotta stick, right?

For the last year or so, I’ve been keeping track of my word counts and putting them into an Excel spreadsheet. The goal is down the road to get something useful out of the data, but in the short term, I just want to be able to open the file and see forward momentum.

Or, in some cases, where I’ve been slipping.

After last November, there was some slipping. A lot of slipping. The word counts were few and far between from then through winter. But spring saw a turn around, and summer feels like a steady beat. Something I can dance to. (You know, with my mixed metaphors.)

And to get my hard-core nerd on, today I sat down and added three new columns. These are yes/no columns, one for journalling, one for blogging, and one for my new love, I’ve knocked out 5,000 words already on the website. And I took a few minutes to mark which days I blogged, which I journaled. I didn’t include word counts for those activities; I’m more interested that the activity took place, not the result.

Bottom line, though? I write. I write a lot.

Now, this exercise isn’t all about resting on one’s laurels. (God knows I don’t even have a Bay leaf!) I look at how much I have written in the days I did write, and I just see how much more writing I can do.

Will do. 🙂

(Or, perhaps there is a whole new level of obsessive compulsive behavior. It’s quite possible, even though the exercise is just so much fun. Of the mathematical sort. Squee! Nerd life, REPRESENT!)

Back to it!


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