Go Out With a (Big) Bang!

Watching some Big Bang Theory while my dinner gets cooking. Love this show. The writing is just so ridiculously good. Speaking of good, I got to dig my claws into the new show by Doctor Who show runner Stephen Moffat, Sherlock. I think I literally squeeed for half the show.

Ahem. Not that that this place is for mooning over favorite shows (else there would be a whole lot more fangirl spasms over Gordon Ramsey) but boy is the dialogue hot! I could kill to be able to write dialogue that good. It helps that the actors really deliver the lines. When they shout or whine or tease each other, you hear a truth to it. You believe the characters.

For me, it was the same with the original Star Wars trilogy and the second trilogy. When Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford were yelling at each other, it felt like they meant it! There is frustration, awe, anger, pissiness, flirtation in each delivered line. But the second trilogy felt so distant and reserved, like marionettes moved by careless puppeteers.

But anyways.

Writing progresses on the WIP, mostly at work, mostly longhand. I’m running with it. It worked to get me through LAST WITCH, so I’m hoping it works with BLOOD. Once I get enough pieces, I can thread them together, or at least can figure out what else I need. An empty page is less intimidating than an empty computer document.

I’m struggling again with point of view again. I thought that switching to 1st person was the answer to my being stuck. But now I’ve gone and slipped into 3rd person for a scene I really like that can really only be written from yet a other viewpoint character and then slipped into 1st person.

Viewpoint is something that, traditionally, I never worry about. When I (normally) write, the point of view just comes out naturally. I never had to question it, decide on one or the other. It was either 1st person of one character all the way through, or 3rd person limited, sometimes with multiple view point characters.

But not so with Blood. I’m already contemplating going back to 3rd person limited. I’m holding off on any final decisions until after the thing is done or by some magical means decides for me. I’m too concerned about getting the plot figured out right now, so I’ll write however I write until it gets settled and then I can step back and make an informed decision. This really will be a messy draft, but that’s what drafts are for, right?

Tho’ I am hedging my bets. This week, I sent out to the writing group a mini-novel package. I gave them one chapter in 3rd tight, one in 1st person, both from the same viewpoint character, as well as a short backgrounder. Hopefully they can give me a nudge in the right direction.

Also by the end of the month, I should be getting the feedback on the last WIP. Nervous, excited. Not sure how I will manage both the edits of LAST WITCH and the new writing on BLOOD (which was why I was supposed to be further along), but manage it I shall.

Somehow …


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